A highly visual study of trucks and trucking in North America in the 1960s has just been released as part of Veloce Publishing’s “Those Were The Days …” series.

280610 a vel 352x320Over 100 images of these imposing vehicles together with evocative writing encapsulates the histories of the major, minor, obscure, but nonetheless historically significant truck manufacturers. Detailed captions and supportive text complement contemporary brochure images, period literature, factory photos and over fifty new, unpublished colour photos of restored examples.

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This concise volume complements the recently published American Trucks of the 1950s by the same author (see below) and covers not only the histories of the major truck manufacturers, but also the lesser known and obscure, yet historically significant, manufacturers such as Available, Biederman, Brown, Corbitt, Leyland Canada and others.

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Comprehensive captions and supportive text combine with contemporary brochures, period literature, road test info of the day, factory photographs and over fifty colour photos of restored American trucks, to relate the importance of these historic vehicles. Detailed shots of interesting features and engines focus on what it was that set certain manufacturers apart in this highly competitive market.
The author, Norm Mort is of British descent and was raised in Toronto where vehicles from every corner of the world were sold. He began taking pictures of old cars and trucks parked at the side of the road before he was ten. At 12 years of age, Norm was the youngest member on the executive of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada, Toronto Chapter. In the 1960s he began accumulating photos and information on motoring.

Over the years his personal vehicle collection has included everything from a 1949 Allard to a 1922 Vauxhall. A writer for magazines and newspapers in the field of transport for nearly 25 years and a member of the Canadian Society of Automotive Historians, this is his fifth historic vehicles book

These succinct, factual books on American trucking cover trucks made by Autocar, Brockway, Chevrolet, Cook Bros, Diamond T, Diamond REO, Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, FWD, GMC, Hayes Hendrickson, International, Kenworth, Lectra Haul, Mack, Marmon-Herrington, Oshkosh, Peninsula, Peterbilt, REO, Sicard, Studebaker and White, providing a nostalgic look at a significant era in North American history, tell the full evocative story and are available now from bookshops or from www.velocebooks.com

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