Oi! Stop messing around and put that that Seddon Atkinson back together again now says Tachoblog!

roy 101

Given the age of this picture and the fact that Tachoblog was sent it by Ted Connolly, editor of Classic and Vintage Commercials magazine, then we’re not looking at a case of mindless dismantling.

We’ll let Ted explain:

“Memories? Huh, they’re boring, aren’t they? I mean, fancy listening to a load of old boys rattling on about times gone by – I think they refer to them as the golden days”.

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“Well, actually they are most definitely not boring. At least, the way they are told in Classic and Vintage Commercials by a guy called Roy Coulson. He spent 46 years – and happy ones, at that – with Seddon Atkinson and finally retired in 1998 as workshop manager of the warranty department.

“His career included brake-testing on the Transport and Road Research Laboratory track with BRS and then with Mintex and Ferodo. He carried out tests with Lockheed and Dunlop on the Maxaret anti-jackknife device for BRS and also took part in testing with Rolls-Royce on the Eagle engine at MIRA and with Perkins on their V8.

“Hang on, I don’t want to give too much away because there’s a chance you won’t bother to buy the June issue of CVC. The results of that would be a) you will miss out on a dashed good read and b) I will have problems paying my mortgage. So, get to it, OK?

“Anyway, Roy’s memories are just great and there are stacks of photos in the feature to back them up. Check out the picture [we have Ted!]. It is of a complete 16-ton four-wheeler in bits. Seddon Atkinson management pulled it off the production line and asked the development department – in which Roy worked – to take it apart for analysis to see if costs could be cut in the manufacturing process.

“It was then reassembled and sold to a customer. I’m not sure whether any costs were cut, but heck, who cares? Memories are made of this. Well, Seddon Atkinsons were made of those bits you see in the pic. Keep it classic, and all that business.”

So now you know!