Yersterday’s post ‘Classic 60′s American Trucks From Tachoblog‘ proved popular, so today Tachoblog brings you more of the same, only this time we’re back in the 1950′s.

In fact, there are so many advertisements for 1950′s over on that Tachoblog will have to run this as a two part blog.  So let’s get cracking with this cracking 1955 Letourneau Arctic Freight Train owned by Alaska Freight Lines Inc.  This monster was capable of carrying 175 tons in temperatures reaching minus 50°F.

090421 classic 1955 letourneau

Next something a little more ‘normal’ in the shape of 1955 International Harvester Trucks featuring the Cab Over, Metro Van, Dump Truck, and 4×4 vehicle models.

090421 classic 1955 international

Then there’s the 1955 Chevrolet Truck Fleet – ‘New Task Force Trucks! Work styled for your job!’

090421 classic 1955 chevrolet

Finally for 1955 we have the REO Tanker Truck,  The advertisement showing a Speedway double trailer tanker truck with endorsement by Speedway VP, D.S. Sucher.

090421 classic 1955 reo

Last one, and getting (slightly) more modern we hit 1956 with another International Trucks advertisement which features the pickup model and two heavy duty cabs.  For the sake of correctness Tachoblog should point out that this is not an American ad but a Canadian one – but does that matter?

090421 classic 1956 international