Mercedes Unimog Tested By UK’s Fifth Gear

Pretty much wherever in the world you are, Tachoblog’s pretty confident that you’ll have heard of the UK’s premier motoring program ‘Top Gear’ co-presented by the opinionated, brilliant Jeremy Clarkson. But have you heard of ‘Fifth Gear’?

Tachoblog Says Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Over on the excellent Biglorryblog there’s a post about the 1955 Trans Antarctic Expedition led by the ‘late great Sir Edmund Hillary’. The reason this topic is on a truck blog is simply because the expedition used the Tucker Sno-Cat. BLB’s found a cracking video of original colour footage and we recommend heading over there to see it for yourself

But that’s not what this post is about…

Journalists Drive The New Volvo FMX – Tachoblog’s Jealous, Very Jealous!

Back in May, around 150 truck journalists from 30 European countries got to test drive Volvo’s new construction truck – the Volvo FMX.

The King Of The Desert Is A Scania

Like Scanias? Like off road trucks? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions then you’ll love Tachoblog’s next video.

Tachoblog, The Chrome Shop Mafia And A 2010 Freightliner Coronado

When you’ve bought a brand new 2010 Freightliner Coronado and want to make it (more than) a little bit different then where do you take it? To the Chrome Shop Mafia of course. And here, in under five minutes, you can see what they can do.

European Volvo Truck Drivers Tell All To Tachoblog

Ever wondered what life is like for European truck drivers? Well, thanks to Volvo Trucks and Tachoblog you can find out!

More Video Mayhem On Tachoblog – This Time With A Forklift

LorryDay kindly sent this one in and recommends that ‘Any one who has ever made a mistake with a pallet truck should see this.’ If nothing else you should feel better…

Five Days Of His Life – Friday

Sad as it is, we come to the final installment of Aid2003’s video diary that Tachoblog’s been bringing you.

Five Days Of His Life – Thursday

What better way to start the week than a video? For those of you that have been following Aid2003′s video diary that Tachoblog’s been showing, we’re now onto Thursday.

Five Days Of His Life – Wednesday

Time to see what Aid2003 got up to on the Wednesday of the week that he video documented.

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