World’s Fastest Mercedes Vito Van

Fed up with Mercedes Sprinter vans always overtaking you?  You need the stunningly quick, fastest Mercedes Vito in the world then. Of course the fastest Mercedes Viro is no ordinary van. No, Andrew Bartlett’s Gasrite Plumbing Vito is powered by a nitrous assisted 632ci Chevrolet V8 engine. And here is the fastest Mercedes Vito in [...]

Dakar 2011 – A Couple Of Videos From Tachoblog

Let’s go back to the start of the year with some video of the Dakar 2011.

Volvo FM10 Grabber Video Action On Tachoblog

Tachoblog has a couple of great Volvo FM10 grabber videos for you today.

Trucking In Toronto – A Thursday Video From Tachoblog

Ever wondered what it’s like to be trucking in Toronto? Even if you haven’t, you can’t beat a look at somewhere else in the world through a truck driver’s windscreen – after all, that’s why View From The Cab is so good (Tachoblog said modestly).

Trucking In Spain – Tachoblog Joins Roger Trucker

Spain isn’t a country that we’ve featured much on Tachoblog. So we’re going to start sorting that now with this video from Roger Trucker.

Idiot Driving In Melbourne, Australia – But It Could Be Anywhere Reckons Tachoblog

Time, once again, for a video on Tachoblog. And, once again, we have etruck to thank for alerting us to this one.

This clip shows, according to it’s make Fullnoise, ‘what you see when driving around Melbourne in a B-Double’.

Tachoblog Asks If You Think Your Job Is Bad

Now before we get any comments, Tachoblog KNOWS that truck driving (in whichever country) isn’t easy work by anyone’s standards.

An Australian Near Miss From Vic H – And Tachoblog!

Staying in Australia (you did read that etruck has reached Iron Knob didn’t you!) and thanks to Vic H, we can bring you this video of what could have been a fatal accident on a Western Australia highway.

Come Off Road With Tachoblog And The Oshkosh M-ATV

Friday so certainly time for a video thinks Tachoblog.

Today we’re headed off road in the Oshkosh M-ATV as used by the American millitary and fitted with Tachoblog’s number one automatic transmission from Allison Transmission.

Dakar Rally Trucks In Moscow Road Race – Tachoblog Goes For A Slide

It’s Wednesday so it’s video time again on Tachoblog.

Once again (we do get videos from elsewhere honest!) we have the excellent etruck to thank for this one.

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