Two Great Tuesday Tachoblog Tribe Non Trucking Videos From Tachoblog

These two video clips aren’t about trucks or trucking. But they are connected to it…thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe. And they’re certainly both worth a watch!

Safety Around Large Vehicles – Tachoblog Brings You The Video

This UK video about Safety Around Large Vehicles is relevant wherever in the world you live and is especially useful for those that don’t drive trucks.

Volkswagen Amarok – Now You Can See One Moving Says Tachoblog

If you live in the UK, then today will be the first time that you can see a Volkswagen Amarok in the ‘flesh’ as the vehicle makes its debut at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

The Model Way To Expand The Highway – A Video Treat From Tachoblog

It’s Friday – well it is as Tachoblog writes this anyway – so we thought you might like a video, or two, to watch.

These frankly excellent clips have been put together by someone who goes by the nom-de-youtube of rabbitsmeller400 andTachoblog loves them.

On The Napier To Wairoa Road In New Zealand – Can’t See Vic H Though Says Tachoblog

Friday so definitely time for a video clip on Tachoblog. As is often the case, we have the excellent etruck to thank for alerting us to this one.

More Video Mayhem On Tachoblog – This Time With A Forklift

LorryDay kindly sent this one in and recommends that ‘Any one who has ever made a mistake with a pallet truck should see this.’ If nothing else you should feel better…

Incredible Wednesday Video From Tachoblog

This clip is apparently genuine – although if anyone knows different then please let Tachoblog know – and shows a Renault Clio being pushed (sideways!) along the A1 in Wetherby, England by an articulated lorry.

Classic 1952 Sterling White On Tachoblog

Here we are midway through the week, so it must be time for another classic cab video. On Monday we featured a ‘52 Kenworth Cabover so today we’ll stay in that year but change manufacturer.

Tachoblog And A Volvo FH16 In Norway

Steep snow-covered cliffs plunging vertically into the deep blue-green fjords. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it.

Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 7.12.09

Once again Tachoblog was running behind last week, but the Tachoblog Tribe certainly weren’t and they got their Views to us on time.

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