Mean Green To Attempt World Speed Record – Tachoblog On The Speedy Hybrid From Volvo

Mean Green, the world’s fastest hybrid truck, will attempt to reach speeds in excess of 260 km/h (165 mph) on April 27th at Wendover Airfield in Utah, USA, to best its own world speed records.

First UK Volvo FH16 750 – Watch MJ Griffiths Truck On Tachoblog

Tachoblog’s a big fan of the Volvo FH16-750 and we know many other are too so here’s a video of the first one in the UK.

Volvo Trucks’ Bio-DME Project – Update On Tachoblog

Volvo Trucks’ two year Bio-DME project aims to assess whether there is a market for Bio-DME (Di-Methyl-Ether) for commercial vehicles.

45 New Volvo Trucks For Woodside – Tachoblog Reports On £4.1 Million Spend

Woodside Group – the Northern Irish-based transport and logistics company – has completed the purchase of 45 new Volvo trucks in an investment worth £4.1 million.

Welcome To My Cab – Tachoblog Brings You The Fifth Video In Volvo’s Series

Volvo’s Welcome to My Cab – a bit like View From The Cab only it features the trucks – has now reached its fifth truck.  And we’re off to Italy. If you’ve missed the other Welcome to My Cab videos we’ll give you some links at the end of this post. In the latest episode, [...]

A Volvo FH And An Ice Road Trucker – UK Roads Not Deadliest Reports Tachoblog

Popular around the globe in the top-rated ‘IRT (Ice Road Truckers): Deadliest Roads’ stars can be seen in the present series driving a trio of ageing Volvo FH 6-wheelers across the awesome and exceedingly narrow ‘Death Road’ high up in the Andes in Bolivia. These ‘old, but nonetheless good’ Volvo FH Globetrotters were originally from [...]

Volvos In Snow – Tachoblog On A Promo Video For Brdr Hansen

This is a promotional video for Brdr Hansen a haulier in Norway. Like it? Tachoblog does.

The Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2012 – It’s Gone All FM This Year Reports Tachoblog

The Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2012 got underway on February 6th. The event, which takes place over a five-month period, measures and assesses individual driver’s techniques. These techniques are the basis for a professional driver to achieve optimum fuel economy and uptime from their vehicle. A major difference for this year’s event is the use [...]

UK Volvo FH XXL – Simon Gibson’s Truck On Tachoblog

Tachoblog loves the Volvo FH XXL and we know you do too.

So here’s a video of one from the UK. Simon Gibson’s very smart Volvo FH XXl (a 540) to be precise.

Safe Road Trains for the Environment – Tachoblog Reports On First Test Demonstration

Now this IS clever technology says Tachoblog…Safe Road Trains for the Environment (also known as the SARTRE project) has successfully completed the first test demonstrations of a multiple vehicle platoon. The test fleet included a lead truck followed by three cars driven entirely autonomously at speeds of up to 90 km/h – with no more [...]

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