Frugal Fleet – A Guide From Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles On Tachoblog

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has produced its first infographic to help fleet managers and van drivers reduce vehicle running costs.

Volkswagen T1 Camper Van – Under 100 Euros On Tachoblog

Like a lot of you Tachoblog is a massive fan of the legendary Volkswagen T1 Camper Van. But we couldn’t afford one of our own – until now.

The Volkswagen Amarok Canyon – We Like It A Lot Says Tachoblog

Volkswagen is showing the Amarok Canyon at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show. The Amarok Canyon is an extreme version of the successful Amarok pick-up

Volkswagen Amarok Vs 140 Tonne, 67m Chimney The Video – Tachoblog Fulfils Our Promise

A week ago Tachoblog reported on how four Volkswagen Amarok pickups were used to demolish a big chimney now you can actually watch what happened.

How To Demolish A 67m, 140 Tonne Chimney – Easy Says Tachoblog, Just Use 4 Volkswagen Amaroks

So you want to demolish an old chimney that weighs 140 tonnes and is nearly the same height as Westminster Abbey (the location for that wedding!). What do you use, dynamite or the new Volkswagen Amarok?

Volkswagen Amarok – Now You Can See One Moving Says Tachoblog

If you live in the UK, then today will be the first time that you can see a Volkswagen Amarok in the ‘flesh’ as the vehicle makes its debut at the Commercial Vehicle Show.

Volkswagen Amarok To Debut At CV Show – Better Get There (And Early) Says Tachoblog

If you’ve been following Tachoblog for any length of time, you’ll doubtless know that we’re eagerly anticipating the Volkswagen Amarok. So we’ll be off to the NEC in Birmingham (England) to see the first UK example of the double-cab Amarok pick-up.

Volkswagen Unveil New Bulli Concept – Nice But We Still Want A Split Screen Camper Says Tachoblog

If you like your cars as well as your trucks, you’ll know that the Geneva Motor Show is currently on. Given what Tachoblog’s about, we wouldn’t normally cover anything from the show, but we had to make an exception for this, The Volkswagen Bulli…

UK Pricing For Volkswagen Amarok Revealed – Get Yer Pennies Out Says Tachoblog

Don’t know about you, but Tachoblog is eagerly awaiting Volkswagen’s new pick-up the Amarok.

We’ve got a thing for pickups and we like the German brand a lot too, so as far as we’re concerned this is a match made in heaven!

60 Not Out – Tachoblog Reports On Another Win For Volkswagen’s Transporter

The latest version of the legendary Volkswagen Transporter van, which celebrated 60 years of production this year, has won the Best Small Van category in the What Van? Awards 2011, while its smaller sibling, the new Volkswagen Caddy, was also highly commended in the Light Van category.

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