Scania Top Team 2011 – World Final Soon Says Tachoblog

The World final of the Scania Top Team competition will take place in in Södertälje, Sweden on 14 – 16 October after six months of worldwide competition.

Millionth Scania Returns Home – All The Details From Tachoblog

In July 2000 the millionth Scania was presented to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) at Expo 2000, the world trade fair in Hannover, Germany. The truck is now on its way home to Södertälje.

How’s Your Driving Position? – Tachoblog Shows You The Right Way Thanks To Scania

What’s your driving position like asks Tachoblog.

According to Scania, many drivers do not spend enough time adjusting their seats properly.

Allan McNish And The Worlds Most Powerful Truck – Tachoblog Reports On A Scania R730 Test Drive

For readers that like their motor racing the name Allan McNish will already be familiar – Tachoblog’s no big fan of car racing (we prefer motorbikes seeing as you asked) but even we’d heard of him.

Anyway, Allan a former F1 driver and now star of the Le Mans series, was there the day Gary Wright, Director of Welshpool-based Wright Self Drive, became the proud owner of the very first production model Scania R 730 at the Millbrook Proving Ground.

Scania’s Young European Truck Driver 2010 Competiton – Tachoblog Shows The Competition And Reveals The Winner

To Sweden then (Södertälje to be precise) as Tachoblog reports on the final of this year’s Young European Truck Driver, the Scania competition that pits the best young drivers against each other to find out just who is The Best.

Made it to Iron Knob

On etruck’s continuing trek across Australia, the latest stop is at Iron Knob. This is a well known name on the Australian map and the source of occasional giggles in primary school geography lessons. The name comes from the giant hill in the background made from pure iron ore and quarried out for export to [...]

Sunrise on the Nullarbor

This is a quick snapshot of one of the great trucking journeys of the world, crossing the Nullarbor Plain from Perth in Western Australia across to the Eastern States. This shot was quickly grabbed as the sun was rising, as the truck travels East along the ‘Ninety Mile Straight’, 146 km of dead straight two-lane [...]

Scania Police Truck On Tachoblog Again – But It’s Not The Same One Says Tachoblog

Tachoblog’s posted before about the Scania R480 Police Truck used by the UK’s Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG).

If you’ve missed those – where have you been? – you can catch up by reading ‘Scania R480 Police Car’. But back to today’s post…

The King Of The Desert Is A Scania

Like Scanias? Like off road trucks? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions then you’ll love Tachoblog’s next video.

A Model Scania R480 Police Truck

Regular followers of Tachoblog will remember the Scania R480 Police Truck that Tachoblog’s posted on in ‘Scania R480 Police Car‘ and also in ‘Tachoblog’s View From The CV Operators Show 14.4.10‘. It’s obviously a popular truck as Tachoblog has learnt that model truck-maker Search Impex has been commissioned to create a 1:50 scale replica of  [...]

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