World’s Fastest Mercedes Vito Van

Fed up with Mercedes Sprinter vans always overtaking you?  You need the stunningly quick, fastest Mercedes Vito in the world then. Of course the fastest Mercedes Viro is no ordinary van. No, Andrew Bartlett’s Gasrite Plumbing Vito is powered by a nitrous assisted 632ci Chevrolet V8 engine. And here is the fastest Mercedes Vito in [...]

Tachoblog Meets Rob Halloway From Mercedes-Benz

This week has been a good one for Rob Halloway from Mercedes-Benz. Two days ago (2 April 2012) he was appointed Communications Director for Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd.

The Actros Taxi From Mercedes-Benz – Is This For Real Asks Tachoblog

The Actros Taxi – Tachoblog thinks it’s a brilliant marketing idea from Mercedes-Benz.  But did they set this up or try it for real? Tachoblog’s got etruck to thank for tipping us off to this. Watch it and decide for yourself.  Are the Actros Taxi passengers actors, or people that genuinely wanted picking up from [...]

Unimog 5000 Up Mt Etna – Tachoblog Has The Details

It’s high time we had a Unimog 5000 on Tachoblog and here’s one high up on Mt Etna in Italy.

No Grain Strain For Mercedes Benz Actros – Tachoblog On Openfield’s New Tractor Units

Grain merchant Openfield has sown the seeds (groan says Tachoblog) of future success by commissioning a new fleet of 11 premium specification Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor units.

Tachoblog Announces The International Truck Of The Year 2012 Is…The New Actros From Mercedes

Yes, Tachoblog can reveal that the International Truck of the Year 2012 is Mercedes’ New Actros.

Mercedes has also become the the first manufacturer in nearly two decades to win tjhe International Truck of the Year award in consecutive years.

Mercedes Zetros Farm Tractor – Tachoblog Tells All

A bit of innovative thinking and a Mercedes Zetros has become a farm tractor. Here’s how…

Gregory Distribution Goes Three Ways With Mercedes – Tachoblog Reports

The Gregory Distribution Group has ordered 30 premium specification Actros tractor units – all are 6×2 models and powered by the 440hp version of the fuel-efficient BlueTec® Euro 5 OM 501 LA V6 engine.

2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros – Tachoblog Has The Promotional Film

The new 2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros is with us and Tachoblog is sure you’ve seen or read something about it by now.

Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport Freestyle – New iPhone Game App Announced On Tachoblog

Mercedes-Benz will be launching the Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport Freestyle app for the iPhone at the end of this week.

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