Swedish Truck Extravaganza on Tachoblog with a Volvo FH16-660 and FE-230, Scania P380 and R480.

Regular Tachoblog readers will remember that about a month ago we had the pleasure of driving an 8×4 Volvo FH16-660, 6×4 Volvo FE-320 Tipper, a Scania 6×4 P380 Tipper and a 6×2 Scania R480.

Start The Week With A Volvo FH16-700

It’s Monday, so ease your way into the week with Tachoblog and the (currently) world’s most powerful truck, the Volvo FH16-700 out on the Swedish roads.

Where’s Tachoblog And What’s With The Volvo FH16?

Tachoblog’s not here today. In fact Tachoblog’s not even in the country (that’s the UK) today.

Chopped 1,000hp Scania T-Cab On Tachoblog

Now this really is something special. Meet Swedish truck customiser Svempa’s 1,000hp Scania T-Cab R999 ‘Red Pearl’.

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