Trucks In Muck – Tachoblog Gets Grubby In Russia

All Tachoblog can tell you about this video is that it’s from Russia and there are lots of trucks in muck.

Military Might Russian Style – More Magnificent Off Road Videos From Tachoblog

A coupld of weeks ago Tachoblog brought you some off road videos of Russian Ural trucks in action.

Today it’s the turn of the Russian Military as we bring you some more off road videos to enjoy.

Can Your Truck Do This? – Russian Ural Trucks Can Says Tachoblog.

Over on the excellent Biglorryblog, they posted this incredible video of a Russian Ural Truck.

Safer Driving Thanks To See-Through Trucks

Thanks to their size, trucks can often mask the view of the road in front of them, making it harder for drivers to establish whether it’s safe to pass them. The Transparentius concept elegantly solves this by using a camera mounted at the front of the cab to broadcast video that is then displayed on the rear doors using a projector.

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