Allison Automatics help Australian Fire Service – Tachoblog Goes To Adelaide

The Country Fire Service (CFS) of South Australia has successfully trialed Allison automatic equipped Isuzu 4×4 and 6×4 rural fire trucks to make driving safer and easier in bush fire situations.

The Brisbane Truck Show – Tachoblog Sees Allison Transmission Expand

Allison Transmission are continuing to expand their presence worldwide and used the recent Brisbane Truck Show to showcase its presence in the Australian truck market.

Automatic Tow Trucks In Brisbane – Are You Ready For An Allison Transmission Tachoblog Exclusive?

One of Australia’s largest vehicle towing and salvage operators, Ready Towing (yes, another dreadful Tachoblog title pun!) has made the first steps towards converting many of its 220 tilt tray tow trucks from manual to automatic by adding four Allison equipped UD MK 6’s to its extensive fleet.

Australian Road Trains – A Monday Video Treat From Tachoblog

Don’t know about you, but Tachoblog could do with being gently eased into this working week.

And this great video of Australian road trains is just the ticket.

Vic H Meets Swishy – A Photostory From Tachoblog

Longstanding Tachoblog Tribe member and regular View From The Cab contributor Vic H was on holiday in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year.

Vic describes his trip as ‘across the ditch to NZ’s West Island’ which Tachoblog guesses is a friendly swipe at NZ’s neighbours!

While they were there, they met the world-famous Swishy, aka Ted Beamish of Beamish Heavy Hauliers Pty Ltd in Wantirna, Melbourne. Vic’s sent us a few pictures (and a video!) from the meeting.

Karratha to Ti Tree Rail Camp In Under 5 Minutes On Tachoblog

Friday again and what better way to start the day than with a video clip. With the weather turning colder here in the Northern Hemisphere, come with Tachoblog as we head somewhere altogether more sunny.

Keep Australia Beautiful Says Two Crows Down – And Tachoblog!

Now we all know that dumped plastic bags (and other plastic waste) are a big problem when it comes to keeping our respective countries (and seas, oceans, etc) neat, tidy and environmentally sound, but did you know that toilet paper is a problem in Australia? Neither did Tachoblog until we read about it on TwoCrowsDown’s excellent blog ‘Diesel and Dust’.

Get Dirty Off Road In Australia With Tachoblog

Tachoblog doesn’t know how they do it, but yet again etruck has found another great video that we have to share with you.

Australian Classic Trucks On Parade At The Heritage Truck Association Show In Beenleigh – Part Three

As it’s Friday, Tachoblog thought that rather than just bringing you one video from this year’s Heritage Truck Association Show (held back in May in Beenleigh, Queensland, Australia) we’d wrap up the series with the final two clips.

Australian Classic Trucks On Parade At The Heritage Truck Association Show In Beenleigh – Part Two

If you liked yesterday’s post with the two videos from the Beenleigh Show, then you’ll enjoy this post too!

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