Vauxhall Movano Is Football Club’s New Changing Room

On Monday night eight footballers came out the back of a new bright orange Vauxhall Movano – painted in Luton Town colours – to a cheering crowd.

DAF Trucks Russia – A Successful Start

In May last year, DAF Trucks Russia opened its own marketing and sales office in Moscow with the main objective to enlarge its presence on the Russian market.

Changes to Tachoblog

Even if you only occasionally read Tachoblog then please pay attention – this is VERY important. You might have noticed some changes to Tachoblog in recent weeks. The big one is how we’ll be emailing you from now on. Every day we send you an email all about the posts we’ve made that day. If [...]

Is The Era Of The More Economic Fleet Finally Upon Us?

For as long as most of us can remember, fuel prices have continued to rise while the promise of cheaper and more ecologically-friendly vans and trucks has seemed almost impossible. It’s always seemed like a great idea on paper, but is it really feasible in the real world of fleet management?

77 Years On This Toyota G1 Truck Is Very Important

Now then all you classic truck fans.  Why is this Toyota G1 Truck so important today some 77 years since it was first built? Well Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today announced that in June, its worldwide cumulative vehicle production surpassed 200 million units. And it all began almost 77 years ago with the Toyota G1 [...]

Warwickshire’s MacNeillie Command Support Unit – Dripping With Technology

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service has taken delivery of a MacNeillie Command Support Unit from the market-leading specialist vehicle converter.

New From Volvo – Volvo Truck Finder App

  With the release of the new Volvo truck finder app, it is even easier to find the perfect used Volvo truck. Buying a used Volvo truck from an authorized dealer is always a sound investment since it receives the same support and service as a new truck. The new Volvo truck finder app is [...]

1,000,000 Km In An Inter …

Tachoblog – and you – congratulate Vic H & his International 9400i on their magnificent milestone. Actually it’s more of a ‘kilometrestone’ really because Vic H – everyone’s favourite man from New Zealand – has clocked up 1,000,000 Km in his beloved International 9400i. And who better to tell us all about it than the [...]

Would You Like To Name An Eddie Stobart Truck?

Lots of people want to … But it could be you that gets to name an Eddie Stobart truck.  No, honestly it could. Let Tachoblog tell you how. Well one lucky prize-winner will have a rare and highly sought after chance to name an Eddie Stobart truck. An opportunity that is typically auctioned for thousands [...]

How You Can Join The Tachoblog Tribe

Want to become a member of the Tachoblog Tribe? You don’t have to be a driver and send in pictures for View From The Cab. And joining is really, really easy …

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