Her Majesty In Classic And Vintage Commercials – And On Tachoblog Too!

Sadly we can’t now say that Tachoblog is ‘by Royal Appointment’ but we do have news of the latest issue of Classic And Vintage Commercials from its Editor Ted Connolly.

Beautiful Bonneted Mercedes On Tachoblog – More From TJ In Germany

This beautiful bonneted Mercedes was spotted and snapped for Tachoblog in Prichsenstadt over the weekend.

Stripping With Tachoblog And Classic and Vintage Commercials

Oi! Stop messing around and put that that Seddon Atkinson back together again now says Tachoblog!

Given the age of this picture and the fact that Tachoblog was sent it by Ted Connolly, editor of Classic and Vintage Commercials magazine, then we’re not looking at a case of mindless dismantling.

Guy’s 1958 GUY Vixen – Now The Work Begins Says Tachoblog

Last week we reported on Guy Loveridge’s purchase of a 1958 Guy Vixen. Well Guy’s now seen the Guy and is getting things moving.

The Irish And A Classic Scammell – It Can Only Mean One Thing Says Tachoblog

Yes it has to mean that Ted Connolly, the Editor of Classic and Vintage Commercials, has once again dropped Tachoblog a line or two.

This time Ted debunks our (daft) view of the Irish and shows us a big bruiser of a Scammell too.

Guy’s Bought A Classic Truck – A 1958 GUY Vixen Of Course Says Tachoblog!

Tachoblog’s old mate (and by that we mean that we’ve known him for a long time – he’s not (that) old!) Guy Loveridge has just bought himself a 1958 GUY Vixen and he’s looking for some help.

Gloucester Cathedral’s Lister Truck – Does Anyone Know Any More About Listers Asks Tachoblog

Yesterday we posted about the purchase by Gloucester Cathedral of an Alke ATX200E truck from ePower Trucks.

In the post we mentioned that this new electric truck was replacing a Lister Truck that had been in service at the Cathedral since 1964 and that we’d try and find out some more.

Nostaltalgia On A Plate: The Old Days At The Atkinson Factory – Check Out The Hairstyles Says Tachoblog!

Ted Connolly, who is the Editor of the rather wonderful Classic and Vintage Commercials, has grabbed Tachoblog’s attention with this great picture of the Atkinson factory from way back when.

Classic Heavy Haulage From Tachoblog

Monday again…no need to jump into the week just yet, join Tachoblog as we take a look at a selection of early promotional films that show the vehicles that were used to carry seemingly impossible loads.

Schmidt Scania Circa 1976 – Tachoblog Has Chris Campbell To Thank For This Gem

Before Tachoblog went on our recent break, we had an email from Chris Campbell who happens to be the National Manager, Scotland for Skills for Logistics (SfL).

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