Classic 1938 Ford E88T

Andy Maclean the Editor of the V8 Telegraph has sent Tachoblog this shot of a fully restored and beautiful 1938 Ford E88T.

Ted’s On Tachoblog With News Of Classic And Vintage Commercials July Issue

Ted Connolly’s back on Tachoblog – it’s been too long – with news of July’s issue of Classic And Vintage Commercials.

Anniversary Barmy? – Not Tachoblog Or Classic And Vintage Commercials!

The April issue of Classic and Vintage Commercials is a bumper one with stacks of stuff on Fodens. Why? We’ll let editor Ted Connolly explain…

Rowe Hillmaster Competition – And The Winner Is…Says Tachoblog

At the start of the year Tachoblog gave you the chance to win a copy of the Rowe Hillmaster story, ‘The Cornish Commercial Vehicle’ by Peter Tutthill.

Rowe Hillmaster – A Cracking Competition From Tachoblog

Rowe Hillmaster was an English company based in Cornwall. Thanks to Chris Campbell from Skills for Logistics we have a Rowe Hillmaster competition to start 2012 with.

The Volts Wagon – An Early Battery Powered Commercial Vehicle On Tachoblog

Meet the Volts Wagon. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s battery powered commercial vehicle from 1967.

A Foden Blast From The Past – From Vic H To Tachoblog To You

Yesterday Vic H sent Tachoblog an email about a Foden S21 he used to drive and something that happened to him.

We liked it so we asked Vic whether he had a picture of the Foden in question.

Well, Vic being Vic of course he did. In fact he sent us more than we asked for and Tachoblog’s very grateful for that. We’ll let him take up the story…

Two Elephants In A Ford Transit Van – Honest Says Tachoblog

How do you get two elephants into a Ford Transit? Sounds like some kind of childish joke doesn’t it, but it’s for real as you can see in this picture.

Normal Control Or Forward Control – Who Cares When A Volvo N10 Looks This Good Says Tachoblog

Have a look at this rather wonderful Volvo N10. Tachoblog’s been sent the picture by Ted Connolly. the editor of Classic And Vintage Commercials.

A GUY Vixen Update From Guy – And Tachoblog!

You might remember that we reported on Guy’s 1958 GUY Vixen back in March.

Well Guy promised to keep us up to date with any new on his Guy Vixen and so last week he sent us news that it has a sister and that he’s learnt about its working life too.

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