The Volts Wagon – An Early Battery Powered Commercial Vehicle On Tachoblog

Meet the Volts Wagon. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s battery powered commercial vehicle from 1967.

A Foden Blast From The Past – From Vic H To Tachoblog To You

Yesterday Vic H sent Tachoblog an email about a Foden S21 he used to drive and something that happened to him.

We liked it so we asked Vic whether he had a picture of the Foden in question.

Well, Vic being Vic of course he did. In fact he sent us more than we asked for and Tachoblog’s very grateful for that. We’ll let him take up the story…

Two Elephants In A Ford Transit Van – Honest Says Tachoblog

How do you get two elephants into a Ford Transit? Sounds like some kind of childish joke doesn’t it, but it’s for real as you can see in this picture.

Gloucester Cathedral’s Lister Truck – Does Anyone Know Any More About Listers Asks Tachoblog

Yesterday we posted about the purchase by Gloucester Cathedral of an Alke ATX200E truck from ePower Trucks.

In the post we mentioned that this new electric truck was replacing a Lister Truck that had been in service at the Cathedral since 1964 and that we’d try and find out some more.

Classic Pioneering Trucks That Helped Shape America From Tachoblog

A highly visual study of trucks and trucking in North America in the 1960s has just been released as part of Veloce Publishing’s “Those Were The Days …” series.

1969 Kenworth LW924 With Detroit 12V71

Thanks to Tim Giles from the excellent etruck, Tachoblog can bring you this video of a 1969 Kenworth LW924 with a Detroit 12V71 engine – one of only two such vehicles in Australia apparently!

Classic 60′s American Trucks From Tachoblog

Tachoblog’s been browsing the classic truck advertisements available from adclassix and so canbring you this trip back to the 1960′s…

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