H Young Transport has seen its accident rate dramatically reduce in two years after installing video cameras in the cabs of its trucks.

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The company, a member of Palletforce, installed the cameras in 25 of its vehicles operating from its hubs in Huddersfield and Eastleigh.

The number of accidents involving its vehicles has fallen by 34 per cent.

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“The main reason we installed the cameras was to reduce the number of accidents and encourage drivers to drive in a professional manner, and it has absolutely worked,” Managing Director, Russell Webster told Tachoblog.

“It has driven down our insurance premiums every year so our investment in the cameras has more than paid for itself.”

H Young Transport has been joined by fellow Palletforce member S and J European Haulage, which installed the cameras in its entire fleet of 38 trucks a month ago.

Steve Haines, Managing Director of the Melton Mowbray based firm, took the decision as a method of protecting the company from insurance scams by people causing deliberate accidents.

Speaking to Tachoblog Steve said, “We’ve had quite a few of these scams happen. A  whiplash claim can be £15,000 and when it’s one word against the other it can be hard to disprove but these cameras should provide us with indisputable evidence.”