According to organisers, Poland’s Breslau Adventure Rallye is second only to the famous Paris/Dakar in terms of size but is far more brutal for off road vehicles.

So you can decide for yourselves, here’s the invitation video for 2011′s Breslau Adventure Rallye.


Jay from Couch Off-Road Engineering and his team were the first Americans to ever enter the Breslau Adventure Rallye and they did it in this 1985 U1700 Unimog.

CouchBeforeandAfterWith the conversion complete, the truck was christened ‘Bam Bam’.

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For those of you that like to know these things, Dam Bam’s technical specification is as follows:

  • Cummins 24 Valve Diesel with ATS turbo, Bell intercooler and P7100 IP setup Apx. 450 HP
  • Race Weight 16,500 lbs or 7,484 kilograms
  • Tires are 49″ tall 445/70R24 XM-47′s on custom Stazworks bead locks wheels
  • Axles are lighter and plumbed with CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System)
  • Suspension are ful bypass KING reservoir shocks.
  • Exo-cage is 2 3/8″ mild steel tubing
  • Odssey flat plate drycell batteries.
  • (2) 22,000 lbs hydraulic Mile Marker winches
  • Garmin GPS and helmet-to-helmet communication
  • Cab interior is rhino-lined
  • LED lighting
  • The clutch is a single, hybrid, puck clutch with kevlar and ceramic
  • Hydraulic cooling fans, winch and 4 stock circuits

The Breslau Adventure Rallye is certainly no walk in the park as this picture of Bam Bam paddling shows.

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It looks even more extreme in this clip.  The stuck Range Rover you can see gives you a feel for just how deep that water actually is.

And here’s Bam Bam in some dryer action.


So how did Jay and Bam Bam get on with The Breslau Adventure Rallye?

Well, they not only finished but they took 11th (out of 36) in the big truck class which is no mean feat.  Tachoblog’s congratulations to them all.

Before we finish this post, here’s one more clip of Bam Bam in the water on the Breslau Adventure Rallye.

Here you can see Bam Bam moving past a stuck truck only to have to perform emergency stop to miss a crazy (or is that stupid?) photographer who positioned himself in the middle of the course.

Bam Bam, Jay and the photographer were all fine. But the photographer was warned that  ‘those who play stupid games, win stupid prizes’.


(all pictures courtesy of Unimog X Change)