Big, heavy and going off road?  An Allison Transmission gearbox is a must and Randon Veículos know it.

the company has delivered the first RDP 470 off-road dump trucks for the Brazilian market.

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Companhia Riograndense de Mineração (CRM), a mixed-capital company controlled by the state government of Rio Grande do Sul, has purchased two trucks equipped with Allison Transmission automatic gearboxes for hauling coal at the state’s Candiota Mine.

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The RDP 470 is the result of a joint-venture between Perlini Equipment S.p.a. and Randon Veículos.

This off-road truck can handle a 65,000 kg/143,300 lb. payload and has demonstrated excellent suitability to meet the demands of the Rio Grande do Sul energy sector, especially at coal sites.

Randon had provided RDP 470 vehicles for evaluation by potential Brazilian clients, including CRM, who tested the demonstration vehicle prior to acquiring the first two units for their operation.

The truck underwent feasibility studies that confirmed previously released data about productivity and operational cost gains in mining and construction companies. Part of its strong performance, durability and driveability can be credited to its automatic transmission – an Allison Transmission 6000 Series.

According to Clóvis Kitahara, Marketing Manager for Allison in South America, “We have a long-standing partnership with Perlini in Italy and Randon in Brazil.

“This experience allowed our companies to work together to supply a vehicle especially designed for the rigors of South American mining and heavy construction sites.”

The model belongs to an array of off-road trucks that transport from 30 to 100 metric tons (66,138 to 220,462 lbs.) of payload.

Randon and Perlini have developed this ambitious project together, securing an option for organizations in South America.

The Perlini RDP 470 will be manufactured in Brazil and have compatible local content to be eligible for FINAME financing.

“We intend to produce them as components are gradually nationalized. The basic structure will be manufactured at the Randon plant, always respecting the product’s original characteristics,” Norberto Fabris, Managing Director of Randon Veículos, told Tachoblog.

If you like this kind thing then you’ll want to know more about the RDP 470:

  • ABS brake system
  • Independent hydraulic steering system, with pump and two double-acting cylinders
  • Single-wheel front and dual-wheel rear tires with interchangeable rims (24.00 R 35)
  • Engine model: Detroit Diesel MTU 12V-2000
  • No. of cylinders: 12
  • Displacement: 23,89 l (1,457.8
  • Power output: 760 hp at 2,100 rpm
  • Payload 65,000 kgf (143,300lbs)
  • Load volume: Customized for 48 cu.m (1,695 cu.ft.)
  • Maximum torque: 3,309 N·m (2,440 lb·ft) at 1,350 rpm
  • Transmission: Allison Transmission automatic 6620 with 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse