We continue Tachoblog’s look at what you can see at this year’s CV Show with some rather nifty software from Road Tech – the people that brought you Tachomaster.

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On their stand (5A74) at the show which is at Birmingham’s  NEC between 12 – 14 April you can see ‘all the benefits of Tachograph Analysis, Tracking & Analytics and Electronic Daily Vehicle Checks sharing information with each other’.

Other than Tachomaster (Instant digital & analogue tachograph analysis with automatic working time directive analysis), Road Tech will also be showing:

  • Falcon – Tracking and Analytics.
  • PreDrive – Electronic daily vehicle checks.

According to Road Tech, all of  these products share information between them.

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The company says (logically enough) that Falcon Tracking & Analytics knows where a vehicle is and how it is being driven.  But what it, like most other telematic solutions, doesn’t know is who is actually driving.

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But, they add, Tachomaster Tachograph Analysis knows exactly who was driving it and when.

By sharing the information that each system has, vehicle operators can view their Analytics reports by driver as well as by vehicle.  Now you can see, for example, which driver gets the best economy from your vehicles, or which driver uses cruise control the least.

You can also establish a grading system to give you a clear guide as to how your drivers are performing.

As Falcon shares its tracking information with Tachomaster, you can see where every tachograph mode change was actually made.

PreDrive, Road Tech’s newest product does away with the need for Drivers’ Defect Books by enabling operators to perform daily vehicle checks electronically.

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With PeDrive, you dictate the checks that you want made.

PreDrive Daily Check

Any defects or damage reported is then  automatically sent to whoever is responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance.

With Falcon and Tachomaster knowing when a vehicle has been driven, PreDrive will instantly alert you about any vehicle that has not has had its daily check.

In return, PreDrive will let Tachomaster and Falcon know when a daily check has been made.

All three products can be purchased individually or together.

With no contract and free, unrestricted trials, Tachoblog says that there’s no reason not to discover the power of sharing and see the big picture for yourself.