Brake backed road safety initiative ‘Beddy’ is excited to announce the launch of two new apps for children to promote its road safety scheme.

The apps take a modern approach to the original family favourites ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’ and ‘Hide ‘n’ Seek’.

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Developed by Fantastic Media, the apps engage children with Beddy The Truck and help develop observational, concentration and recognition skills, aiming to keep children engaged whilst teaching them new words whether in the car or at home.

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Based on the popular classic car game ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’, Eye Spy With Beddy features items for children to find within 18 unique scenes.

The aim of the game is to find all the objects listed before the time runs out, the quicker the objects are found, the more points the player gains.

The app helps keep children engaged and builds word association skills through a variety of scenes including the seaside, the moon, a playground and a classroom, providing hours of entertainment.

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Hide ‘n’ Seek is a unique app that will have the whole family active and playing together.

A twist on the original family favourite – the player simply sets the timer, hides the phone, listens for Beddy’s horn and tries to find the phone before the time runs out.

This app is the only of its kind in the App Store; with its addictive game play, the Hide ‘n’ Seek app keeps adults and children entertained for hours.

As a forward thinking organisation, Bedfords Transport introduced Beddy as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme, to educate young children on the importance of road safety.

Everyday in Britain 10 children and young people are killed or seriously injured. 2 children under the age of 7 are injured everyday and 3 are killed each month.

Simply search for ‘Beddy’ in the App Store to download the games.