This beautiful bonneted Mercedes was spotted and snapped for Tachoblog in Prichsenstadt over the weekend.

IMG 1281 427x284

Yes, TJ’s been out with her camera again and sent us these shots.

Since sending Tachoblog her pictures of a custom Kenworth she saw at the Residenz Palace in Wuerzburg, TJ appears to have ‘got into’ trucks.

Now click below for more and the other photographs TJ’s sent…

IMG 1283

She told Tachoblog ‘here are some shots for you of the big beautiful truck that didn’t get to line up next to the other pretty cars in Prichsenstadt’s “Old Timer” show because it didn’t fit through the archway of the city walls…(see last photo).  *Sniff.*  Poor old fella.  Imagine doing deliveries in this…!!’


IMG 1284

Tachoblog’s delighted that TJ’s got the truck bug and we hope she’ll be sending us some more pictures soon.

And if anyone can name the truck we’d be grateful too.