US President Barack Obama visited the production plant of Daimler’s commercial vehicle subsidiary Daimler Trucks North America  in Mount Holly, North Carolina yesterday.

He addressed the economic challenges facing the USA before a select audience and informed himself about Daimler Trucks North America’s vehicle portfolio.

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The Mount Holly plant is part of Daimler Trucks North America’s network of commercial vehicle manufacturing facilities and produces the medium-duty Freightliner M2.

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Daimler Trucks North Americaalso produces the M2 112 and 114SD natural gas-driven medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and the M2 106 Hybrid model at the Mount Holly plant.

In February 2012 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified Daimler Trucks North America’s entire vehicle portfolio of long-distance haulage trucks, medium-duty trucks, and construction and municipal vehicles for compliance with the new ”Greenhouse Gas 2014 Standard“ (GHG14).

Thus, Daimler Trucks North America has already achieved compliance with the new regulation of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aimed at reducing green house gas emissions of heavy- and medium-duty trucks, which officially enters into force from model year 2013.

Daimler has the self-appointed goal of becoming a trailblazer in environmentally-conscious, resource-enhancing and sustainable transport solutions throughout the NAFTA region.

“Daimler Trucks North America has long been committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving fuel efficiency through the development of clean drive systems and alternative fuel technologies,“ Martin Daum, President and CEO of Daimler Trucks North America, told Tachoblog

“Through strategic partnerships with the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, Daimler Trucks North America is committed to developing clean, fuel-efficient, and environmentally sustainable solutions for the North American market.“

To meet the growing customer demand for Daimler Trucks North America trucks equipped with conventional and alternative drive technologies, Daimler’s subsidiary DTNA ramped up its workforce by about 3,000 employees at various truck manufacturing facilities in the USA and Mexico in 2011.

At the Mount Holly plant, the company created over 1,000 new jobs while introducing a second production shift. With its current workforce of 1,450 employees, the Mount Holly site produces a total of 25,000 Daimler commercial vehicles per year.

Speaking to Tachoblog, Roger Nielsen, Chief Operating Officer of Daimler Trucks North America said, “The Mount Holly manufacturing facility is a good example of the rising truck demand in all Daimler Trucks North America locations.

“In 2011, the plant more than tripled its production units and continues to experience very strong demand.

“President Barack Obama’s visit to the facilities is an honor that underscores our commitment to growing and sustaining employment in North Carolina.”