TwoCrowsDown from the Tachoblog Tribe sent us in these pictures of a Mammoet’s Western Star that he’d taken at AV Trucks in Guildford, Perth, Western Australia.

heavy western1

As far as he knows, the truck had been driven from Brisbane to Perth for delivery to Mammoet’s and has been specially built to do one job, after which the truck will no longer be required.

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TwoCrowsDown says that ‘the job is to move something large and heavy from Port Hedland to Yandi minesite in the Pilbara. The “something” will be carried on a platform and propelled by a “pusher” and a “puller” truck (front and back) and travel at 45km/h.’

heavy western2

TwoCrowsDown says he hopes to know more about all of this soon, so Tachoblog hopes that he can and let’s us know.

Finally a quick apology to TwoCrowsDown as he sent us these pics a little while ago and, whilst we meant to post them that day, we managed to forget them until today!

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