In Australia 21 – 27 February is TruckWeek.


Organised by the Australian Trucking Association, the Aussie equivilent of the UK’s Road Haulage Association and Freight Transport Association the aim is, according to the ATA, to ‘bring the trucking industry together to inform the community and politicians about the importance of the trucking industry, the issues the industry will face in the coming years, how to drive safely around trucks, and the great careers that are now available.’

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The Australian Trucking Association is the national voice of the trucking industry. The ATA’s members include state and sector trucking associations, the Transport Workers Union and some of Australia’s largest logistics companies.

The ATA and its member association and companies are running a host of TruckWeek events around the country, to find out more, visit the TruckWeek website.

Now Tachoblog thinks this is a great idea and wonders why, here in the UK, our Trade Associations don’t do something similar.  From memory, and a web link that we can’t find right now, there is a similar event in America – if anyone can provide any information please let us know – but nothing for the UK Industry.  Surely it’s just what we could do with here!