The April issue of Classic and Vintage Commercials is a bumper one with stacks of stuff on Fodens.  Why?  We’ll let editor Ted Connolly explain…

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Ted thinks that “the motoring press has gone anniversary-barmy.

“Flick open just about any magazine and you’ll see special features paying tribute to the E-Type Jag, MGB etc etc and, quite frankly, it’s all getting a bit boring.

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“Ah, but Fodens don’t have an anniversary this year, do they? No, they don’t, and that is one very good reason to dedicate so much space to them.  I figured that in this world of conformity, it’s nice to break away from the norm now and again.

“Fodens are almost legendary on the classic scene, so why not bring out a special issue of Classic and Vintage Commercials?

“I guess it’s the maverick in me.

“Anyhow, there’s stacks of stuff, including two restorations, a piece on owning an older model, tales of a guy who used to work for the company and the history of the man himself, Edwin Foden. A most remarkable individual.

“It’s really good stuff, although I would say that and, come on, if t’were rubbish then it wouldn’t go in.

“Highly recommended for Foden fans – and, as it happen, even if you are aren’t particularly interested in the marque. So, check out the April issue of Classic and Vintage Commercials – at a newsagent’s near you, as they say”.

Thanks Ted, we’ll keep an eye out for it.