Allison Transmission – Tachoblog’s number one automatic gearboxes – have provided French construction services provider, Dhennin Company, the first Renault Kerax 6×6 with an Allison transmission fitted.

The truck will be used for electrical distribution and public lighting network duties.

Allison Transmission Renault Kerax 1 427x320
The first Renault Kerax 6×6 equipped with an Allison Transmission4000 Series in France was recently delivered to Dhennin Company.

Renault Trucks offers the fully automatic transmission as an option in the Kerax range for customers and vocations demanding the ultimate in durability, comfort and performance.

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Dhennin is a subsidiary of entreprise générale d’électricité ERS (FAYAT group) and supports the construction of all types of electrification, public lighting and traffic light signalling projects.

The trucks often operate at construction sites with intractable entries and challenging off-road terrain. The Kerax 6×6 operated by Dhennin features a crane used to transport materials and tear down or plant concrete electricity pylons in the construction and maintenance of new transportation infrastructure.

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Designed to perform under harsh operating conditions, the Renault Kerax is more rugged and robust with an Allison transmission.

Allison’s torque converter technology improves vehicle performance on extreme grades by multiplying the engine torque and continuously transferring it to the driving wheels.

Modern electronics controls enable the transmission to adapt automatically to various conditions, including drive style, load, gradient and on-/off-road surfaces. This ensures the vehicle operates at its best, regardless of location.

George Rabette, Director of the Dhennin Company, was convinced of the Allison fully automatic transmission’s value after attending a construction demo event.

Speaking to Tachoblog he explained, “The distinct advantage of the Allison automatic transmission on the Renault Kerax is to provide drivers with a real level of comfort. This allows them to concentrate on steering the vehicle instead of manipulating the clutch pedal in order to negotiate the terrain. It is a 2-in-1 vehicle, ideal both for on- and off-road use.”

Allison Transmission’s expanded presence in global construction reflects the industry’s demand for vehicles that reduce downtime, enhance fuel efficiency and improve profit margins. Trucks fitted with Allison automatics make faster trips, require less maintenance and repair, and achieve higher overall efficiency.

“OEM customers like Renault are increasingly aware that automatic transmissions offer the kind of performance and financial benefits their customers are looking for,” Manlio Alvaro, Allison Transmission’s European Marketing Manager, told Tachoblog. “Collaboration with Renault in the Kerax range demonstrates the need for performance transmissions that can cope with diverse ground conditions – delivering reliability, durability and ease of use to fleets across the globe.”