Tachoblog makes no bones about it, we’re BIG fans of Allison’s fully automatic gearboxes.  But did you know (and we didn’t) that they’re just as good for pump units as they are on trucks?

So come take a trip to Mainz in Germany with Tachoblog as we find out more.

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Oil production is a complex business requiring special equipment and broad technical knowledge. Extraction machinery and its components must be durable, reliable and able to perform continually over several hours in extreme environments.

Consulting Agency Trade (C.A.T.), from Celle near Hannover, Germany, produces and delivers special equipment for the exploration of oil and natural gas and offers technical advice for the implementation of drilling and well stimulation systems. For over 20 years, the company has trusted Allison fully automatic transmissions to support its stationary rig operations on pump vehicles, in pump containers and on drilling towers.

“For all applications Allison transmissions provide robust and reliable performance. That’s why we have been using them for more than 20 years,”Volker Hein, manager of C.A.T.’s construction division tells Tachoblog,  “There is almost no challenge an Allison cannot cope with. Whether in Siberian temperatures down to minus 40°C or as part of new oilfield pump technologies, thanks to constant enhancements, Allison transmissions are always prepared to deliver the best results. We specify the Allison 4000 and 6000 Series as well as the big 9000 Series according to the pump and the required performance.”

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Oil and gas are stocked under high pressure deep in the ground in rock beds requiring complex interventions using pumping equipment. Up to 70 percent of the oil in each deposit can be retrieved over three extraction phases, and on average in Germany, only 18 percent of the total deposit can be extracted with natural pressure alone.

Pressure can be increased by pumping water into the rock bed or processing the rock. For such well stimulations and efficient drilling, C.A.T. produces a variety of equipment and units – for the propulsion of the pump, an Allison fully automatic transmission is always on board.

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C.A.T. also manufactures and assembles frac pump units which are installed on a truck chassis and operated by remote control, for the purpose of hydraulic fracturing in well stimulation. A special gel and proppant (grains of sand) are pumped at high pressure into the rock formations containing natural gas and oil to enhance recovery. The high pressure creates fractures which are kept open by the permeable proppant which makes oil and gas collection possible in larger quantities.

The control system uses a 5 inch triplex high pressure pump driven by a powerful engine and the Allison S9820M transmission to propel the premixed fracturing fluid into the well. The fully automatic transmission has eight speeds, an input power of 1678 kW and an input torque of 8270 Nm. In this C.A.T. application, transmission range is limited at seven speeds and the triplex pump works with a performance of 1641 kW and a rate from 0.57 m³/min to 2.5 m³/min. The rate and the bonding pressure depend on the application and are defined via the speed encoder and the gear selection.

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“The exact adjustment of the pump rate is almost impossible with a manual transmission or automated manual transmission (AMT). Allison fully automatic transmissions are established and proven in this industrial sector and that’s why most of the operators demand Allison in their equipment,” Hein explains to Tachoblog.

C.A.T. also develops and manufactures units for application areas such as cementing and coiled tubing. A triplex plunger pump is installed on both units and mounted on a special truck chassis. The pumps are powered by Allison 4000, 6000, or 9000 Series transmissions, depending on the engine power.

The transmissions are required to operate for between 40 minutes and continuous operation for several hours as a mixture of cement is pumped between the ground and the well casing. A coiled tubing unit pumps or rather circulates water, drilling fluid or chemical intermixtures into the well via a coiled tube to make multifaceted well stimulations.

Besides the quality of the Allison transmissions, Volker Hein praises Allison’s global service network and the cooperation with Allison’s German distributor, DGS (Diesel and Getriebeservice GmbH), from Mainz. “At all times DGS offers very competent service. We really appreciate that.” DGS helps customers select the right transmission for the application, provides technical advice and conducts product training.

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