Allison Transmission equipped vehicles are helping make Frankfurt airport safer.

In October, Frankfurt airport in Germany opened its fourth, Northwest runway, enlarging the runway space of Germany’s biggest airport to approximately 220 hectares.

To extend the emergency infrastructure, a new fire station has been built and the Frankfurt airport fire brigade’s vehicle fleet has grown.

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Two of six new FLF Z8 XXL crash trucks from the Albert Ziegler GmbH & Co. KG have been delivered.

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Powered by twoOM 502 (Euro 5) V8 diesel engines, they offer an engine power of 1,030 kW (1,400 PS) in total.

By using two Allison 4800 fully automatic seven speed transmissions with retarder, the 49 tonne vehicles accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h in 21 seconds with a maximum speed of 135 km/h. The vehicles are homologated for the road and can respond to certain emergencies outside the airport.

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The strict requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) specifies that the airport fire brigade has to be able to reach every part of the runway system, from the sounding of the alarm to the use of extinguishing devices, within a maximum of three minutes.

Cornering acceleration is essential which is why two Allison transmissions 4800 were chosen for the drivetrain.

Thanks to the torque converter and shifts without interrupts, the fully automatic transmissions ensure continuous power to the wheels delivering maximum vehicle acceleration.

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Transmission output from both powerpacks is combined through a compound module which delivers power to the four axles via a transfer gearbox. Allison’s distributor inGermany, DGS (Diesel- und Getriebeservice GmbH), was responsible for the integration of the Allison transmissions.

“During an emergency every second counts.That’s why quick acceleration is a must-have for us, which only fully automatic transmissions offer.

“They also provide another important advantage: The driver always has both hands on the steering wheel and can fully concentrate on driving without the distraction of gear shifting.

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“That increases the safety during an operation enormously,” Rudolf Moses, section technique and cost management of theFrankfurt airport fire brigade told Tachoblog.

The Fraport AG issued its EU-wide tender to replace some older crash trucks and enlarge the fleet, and the FLF Z8 XXL won.

Until now, the airport’s emergency service has operated five SIMBA vehicles from Rosenbauer, also equipped with Allison 4800 twin packs.

The FLF Z8 XXL driveline is supplied by Titan Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH and has a Ziegler fire-fighting body. The price for one special vehicle is around 1.6 million Euro.

Two FLF Z8 XXL trucks are already delivered and the others will be put into operation in the upcoming months.