This post contains three of Tachoblog’s favourite things: India, an Allison Transmission and a big truck – a BEML BH100.  As you can imagine, we just had to post it.

BEML Limited is – they say – the premier Indian earthmoving equipment manufacturing company under the Ministry of Defence.

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They recently showcased their latest 100 ton rear dump truck which comes with an Allison H8610A transmission at the 4th International Mining, Exploration, Mineral Processing Technology & Machinery Exhibition.  This was  held at Salt Lake Stadium Ground, Kolkata from 28-31 January 2012.

The BEML BH100 is the largest rear dump truck produced by the company. This new Allison automatic equipped vehicle is designed to deliver outstanding productivity, reliability and durability, along with an increased level of manoeuvrability, comfort and safety.

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Allison’s fully automatic power shifting transmissions combine all the benefits of proven, hydraulic torque converter technology with advanced closed-loop adaptive controls.

A special feature of H8610A is the dual torque path which provides high torque for greater tractive effort at launch. Advanced CEC2 controls link the engine, transmission, and vehicle systems for optimum performance and vocational value.

Optimization of the entire driveline system results in consistent shift quality, increased power train durability, and more efficient vehicle operation leading to greater fuel efficiency.

Ram Amarnath, Managing Director of Allison Transmission India, who was in Kolkata visiting the BEML display of equipment at IME 2012, told Tachoblog, “We are very pleased to have been selected by BEML as the transmission supplier for their new and improved BEML BH100 dump truck.

“After years of serving the Indian off highway market through our licensed manufacturing partner, we are excited to re-engage directly with BEML with the release of our H8610A transmission. We bring our local presence and global experience in the mining industry to our partnership with BEML, the industry leader in India for mining and construction equipment.”

With over 60 years of experience in mining and construction applications, Allison is renowned in the very heavy duty rigid dump sector for its quality, reliability and durability. Presently, there are thousands of Allison-engineered fully automatic transmissions operating in Indian mines across the country.