Now here’s something good – and no, we don’t mean the smart MANs below, good as they are – how about a free guide to saving money!

mitch 105

Freight Best Practice Scotland has published a new free Case Study examining how investing in driver training, aerodynamic equipment and anti-idling policies can result in large financial savings. Entitled ‘Fuel Saving in a Scottish Haulage Fleet’, the Case Study profiles how John Mitchell (Grangemouth) Ltd saved over £664,000 across the fleet through a combination of these efficiency improvements.

As part of the company’s continuous investment into driver training, a SAFED styled in-house driver trainer has been employed, resulting in a 7% improvement in MPG.  Investment in aerodynamic equipment has also been made with cab roof deflectors, side edge turning vanes, front bumper air dams and cab side edge fairing now being commonplace on the fleet.  This investment has resulted in a 9% improvement in MPG, consequently the payback period for this investment will be within a year.  Finally an anti-idling campaign was introduced through driver briefings and payslip memos which cut idling time by 50%, saving £700 worth of fuel a week across the fleet.

Like all Freight Best Practice material, the Case Study ‘Fuel Saving in a Scottish Haulage Fleet’ is completely free of charge and can be accessed by visiting or by calling 0845 877 0877.