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Thanks to etruck.com.au Tachoblog has learnt that 30 years ago today the famous Razorback Blockade was started.

For those not familiar with Australian Trucking History, on April 2 1979, Colin Bird, Harry Grimson, Jack Hibburt, Ted Stevens and Spencer Watling took their trucks to the top of the Razorback Range and parked them across the Hume Highway, blocking Australia’s main freight route.

Back in 1979, etruck says, ‘The trucks were underpowered and uncomfortable, truck driving was a, physically, very hard job in which rule breaking was rife and consignors drove freight rates down and while the drivers’ workloads went up.’

Initailly the blockade was not that well thought through by those taking part as, by the time the first press arrived, they hadn’t even got their list of demands together.

090402 razorback2

However, and this is the point that the piece on etruck makes, what of the driver’s demands all those years ago has changed?

Tachoblog recommends you read the article for yourself and then make your mind up.  Discuss…