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1,000,000 Km In An Inter …

Tachoblog – and you – congratulate Vic H & his International 9400i on their magnificent milestone.

Million 2

Actually it’s more of a ‘kilometrestone’ really because Vic H – everyone’s favourite man from New Zealand – has clocked up 1,000,000 Km in his beloved International 9400i.

And who better to tell us all about it than the man himself?

So click below to hear what Vic has to say about 1,000,000 Km in an inter …

“In 1995 the company I work for bought this International S3600 for me to drive, mainly pulling this old set of B-train tanks for carrying wine around New Zealand.

Million 1

“It was specified by our then General Manager with a Cummins M11 350bhp engine and a wide ratio Fuller Roadranger 10-speed gearbox; it was a bit under-powered and had not enough gears for 45 tonnes on our hilly NZ roads but I drove it for 8 years and 900,000km and it did the job OK.

Then in 2003 the new owner of our company bought 2 new International 9400i tractor units together with 2 sets of B-train tankers. These were a huge improvement, having 460bhp Cummins ISX engines and Fuller Roadranger 18-speed gearboxes, the best gearboxes in the world without a doubt.

My one was named “Grandad’s Mobility Scooter” in view of my age as I was 64 at the time. I never thought then that I would still be driving it 9 years later!

Million 3

“It looked better with a bit more signwriting on.

Million 4

“… and it has done a great job, through rain …

Million 5

“… and snow …

Million 6

“… and sunshine, throughout the length of the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Million 7

“On Tuesday I stopped for breakfast outside a cafe in Cheviot, north of Christchurch.

Million 8

“and the odometer read 999,999 kilometres.

Million 9

“I thought ‘Bugger this’ and drove forward a few feet and the reading changed to 1,000,000 km. This is the first truck I have seen with this reading as most of them return to zero after 999,999.

Million 10

“In that time the basic engine has never been touched although it has had a new alternator and starter motor, as well as a new turbo as a routine scheduled replacement.

“Apart from oil changes, the gearbox has never been touched in any way and the engine and gearbox still perform as well as, or probably better than new.

“So, a short distance down the road and the odometer turns over to 1,000,001 km and the truck is ready for its second million”.

Million 11

Congratulations again Vic – and the Inter!

Have you done 1,000,000 Km in your truck – or any other vehicle?  If you have then get in touch with Tachoblog.

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  1. Congratulations Vic. Great to see people like you still about. Keep on sending those photographs.

    by Trevor on Jul 27, 2012 at 23:39

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