Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 3.8.12

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Friday!  So it’s time for View From The Cab.  Join us as we take a look through the windscreens of the Tachoblog Tribe and see what they have.

This week’s View From The Cab starts with TruckerDesiree who wishes us a ‘Happy Friday from southern Utah’.

TruckerDesiree 16

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Classic 1938 Ford E88T

Andy Maclean the Editor of the V8 Telegraph has sent Tachoblog this shot of a fully restored and beautiful 1938 Ford E88T.

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Andy said, “I thought I would send you this picture of one of our members newly restored 1938 Ford E88T and started life as a Huntley and Palmers biscuit van.

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Vauxhall Movano Is Football Club’s New Changing Room

On Monday night eight footballers came out the back of a new bright orange Vauxhall Movano – painted in Luton Town colours – to a cheering crowd.

68643vau kit02 427x293

Luton Town Football Club wanted to blast everyone with their new away strip.

What better way to do this but at a special viewing at the recently-opened Ramada Encore Hotel, at Luton Airport.

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Plastic Pallet Pooling – With RFID As Standard Too

RFID-enabled Plastic Pallet Pooling has arrived in Europe thanks to PLS.  The company who specialise in plastic pallet rental and management services are now offering RFID plastic pallet pooling as standard.

bc6cb0858d8d5939 org 427x284

The company, which is a subsidiary of Bibby Distribution, says that by adopting this advanced method of asset tracking, customers can achieve greater visibility of pallets as they move through the supply chain.

This results in increased productivity, better inventory management and, ultimately, reduced costs.

“It’s about making assets work harder,” Jon Graves, General Manager of PLS, told Tachoblog.

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DAF Trucks Russia – A Successful Start

In May last year, DAF Trucks Russia opened  its own marketing and sales office in Moscow with the main objective to enlarge its presence on the Russian market.

1343648242240 DAF Russia 427x249

With the expansion of the DAF Trucks Russia network to thirteen Sales & Service Dealers, the start of a PACCAR Parts Distribution centre and the delivery of more than 3,000 trucks since May 2011, DAF Trucks Russia has made a successful start .

With the fast growing Russian truck market, the interest in West-European trucks is also strongly increasing. The expectation is that by 2015 more than 36,000 will be registered in the heavy truck segment compared with 26,000 in 2011.

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Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 27.7.12

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View From The Cab is chock full this week. So let’s get on with it and have a look through the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens.

With UK,American, Scottish, Irish, New Zealand and meteor craters (honest) coming up we have a lot for you to see.

This week’s View From The Cab begins in Sweden where we join Bergmanman, ‘going over the ‘high coastal bridge’. Hauling 37 ton concrete pillars to a railroad construction site.  The bridge is called Högakustenbron. It’s located between Örnsköldsvik and Härnösand in the northern parts of Sweden’ …

Bergmanman 15 281x320

…  And here he is unloading.

Bergmanman 2 427x320

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Changes to Tachoblog

Even if you only occasionally read Tachoblog then please pay attention – this is VERY important.

You might have noticed some changes to Tachoblog in recent weeks.

The big one is how we’ll be emailing you from now on.

Every day we send you an email all about the posts we’ve made that day.

If you want to get this – or keep getting this – then you MUST signup and become a member of the Tachoblog Tribe.

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Why not do it now, before you forget.


Is The Era Of The More Economic Fleet Finally Upon Us?

For as long as most of us can remember, fuel prices have continued to rise while the promise of cheaper and more ecologically-friendly vans and trucks has seemed almost impossible.

It’s always seemed like a great idea on paper, but is it really feasible in the real world of fleet management?

smith electric truck evs23 427x318

Well, increasingly it seems like it might just be so.

There are now plenty of ways operators have been able to cut their costs on all sorts of overheads, with mainstream price comparison sites like MoneySupermarket also keen to push their offers on things like van insurance (which you can find out more about by visiting this page).

But the emphasis on greener transport that continues to fill the news also has its own knock-on effect for the future of the industry.

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World’s Fastest Mercedes Vito Van

Fed up with Mercedes Sprinter vans always overtaking you?  You need the stunningly quick, fastest Mercedes Vito in the world then.

Of course the fastest Mercedes Viro is no ordinary van.

No, Andrew Bartlett’s Gasrite Plumbing Vito is powered by a nitrous assisted 632ci Chevrolet V8 engine.

And here is the fastest Mercedes Vito in the world at Heathcote Park Raceway in May this year.

It ran a best pass that day – 8.04 @ 175mph.  Now you can see why it’s the fastest Mercedes Vito!



77 Years On This Toyota G1 Truck Is Very Important

Now then all you classic truck fans.  Why is this Toyota G1 Truck so important today some 77 years since it was first built?

240712 a toy 427x314

Well Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) today announced that in June, its worldwide cumulative vehicle production surpassed 200 million units.

And it all began almost 77 years ago with the Toyota G1 Truck.

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